Hydrant Hose CO. No. 1
Organized 1880
79 Geneva St. Geneva, NY, 14456
Phone: 315-729-9217

Hydrant Hose CO. No. 1 is dedicated to saving life and property by fighting fires and giving first aid. Hydrant Hose is part of the Geneva Fire department and has been serving Geneva since 1880. Hydrant Hose, together with the department's other two companies, is a well-trained, well-organized veteran fire fighting outfit. It is especially trained in the use of lifesaving equipment such as the inhalator, the pncolater and the proper methods of artifical resuscitation. Many Geneva residents owe their lives to this knowledge and quick action of the firefighters when overcome by smoke, heart attack or other calamity.
Hydrant Hose fire truck pulled by horses
Circa 1903

Hydrant Hose old fire truck.
Circa 1916
Hyrant Hose is managed by the following officers:
  • Gordy Baxter - President
  • Joe Adulte - Vice President
  • Jack Howard - Secretary
  • F. Edgerton John - Financial Secretary & Historian
  • Gary Felice - Treasurer
  • Jeff Wright - Sergeant At Arms
  • Paul Lathey - Captian
  • John Wright Jr. - Assistant Fire Chief
  • Gary Baxter - Chaplain
Board of Directors
  • Pete Liberatore
  • Tom DiConstino
  • Robert Inscho
  • Jason Hagg
  • Jon Davies

Hydrant Hose modern day fire truck

Hydrant Hose current building.
Hydrant Hose bell.